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The Shaw drill has many field applications including precious and basic metals, academic, environmental, and geotechnical investigation and construction.
Since the portable core drill invention in 2000 by Neil Shaw it has been primarily used for precious metals and basic metals investigation. The handheld drill has been found to be best used as a near-surface initial scanning and mapping tool, often in conjunction with handheld XRF field analyzers (guns). When mineral enrichment is discovered by these means larger drilling equipment can then be efficiently employed to establish vertical definition.
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copper ore prospecting in western Montana
25 mm copper ore samples
remote location drilling
(courtesy of Jade West)
Academic investigators have used the Shaw portable core drill for a variety of projects including petroleum source, reservoir, cap rock investigations, paleomagnetic studies, hydrogeologic investigations including monitoring well installations (John Cherry research group, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada, ). NASA and NASAcontractors have used the Shaw drill extensively as have many universities located around the world.
Drilling a jade boulder in a remote location with no road access
The Shaw portable core drill is a nearly ideal tool for environmental and geotechnical field investigation because it can be used in otherwise difficult of access locations behind buildings, fences and walls, trees, escarpments and much else. The diamond core bits of the system are easily capable of advancing borings through a large array of subsurface materials including steel reinforced concrete, hard rock and some kinds of cemented gravels. Its loose materials bit can be used to make stable, open borings with the use of bentonite clay in flowing sand and very loose gravel, and in clay with the use of surfactants mixed in drilling fluid. Soil sampling of the highest quality can be done with the cartridge and breech type of Shaw soil sampler. Bayonet couplings make loading and unloading of the sampler very easy. Stainless steel components resist rust and are easily decontaminated for high quality sampling. Shaw offers high quality capped clear plastic liners for preserving and core boxes for storage of soil or rock samples.
25 mm core box with basalt core samples
Shaw Tool Backpack Drill hand held portable core drill 25 mm core box with basalt core samples
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The Shaw handheld core drill has been used for steel fence post in rock installation, concrete and rock demolition with the use of explosives (dynamite, black powder and Boulder Buster among many materials and products) or expanding concrete (cold demolition with Sylentmite, Crack-it, and other brand name products). With the use of larger diameter core bits the drill can be used for clean, fast penetration of concrete walls and foundations for electrical and some plumbing work.
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rock demolition using sylentmite
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WELCOME to the Shaw Tool website. On offer here is uniquely designed, handheld diamond core drilling equipment which is portable, easy to use, fast penetrating, versatile and self-contained. Information presented here is organized on the several pages tabbed above. Our Equipment page presents photographs of  Shaw kit components and accessories. Field Experiences offers drill users comments. The Operators Manual describes Shaw drill parts, their proper use, maintenance and drilling procedures. The Contacts & Purchasing page presents ours and trusted re-sellers physical and e-mail addresses and links.
shaw backpack drill booth
ICMJ'S 2014 gold prospecting & mining summit
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Rock Demolition Using Sylentmite
soft soil sampler with sharp-edged tip
soil sampler filled and capped tube
Shaw Tool Backpack Drill  portable core drill soil sampler filled and capped tube
Shaw Tool hand held portable core drill soil sampler with stainless steel handle
copper ore sample
25 mm core samples taken with the Shaw Portable Core Drill
Mr. Maynard using the Shaw Core Drill for Copper Ore Prospecting
Neil Shaw with backpack drill
Inventor Neil Shaw with Backpack Drill by Yamhill River
suggested 41 mm OD drill kit
Shaw Backpack Drill Kit
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